Create Dynamic 21st Century Learning Environments

As we move toward Vision 2025, we want every student to be challenged to kindle her or his unique SPARK, chart a course for a meaningful future, and build the knowledge and skills to achieve it.

One current initiative is the building the new ArtsCenter, a thriving new campus for public arts education, living among our world famous arts institutions in downtown San Francisco.  We will foster the creativity of all our student and create a center for community vibrancy.

The ArtsCenter will consist of three parts:

  • The Ruth Asawa School of the Arts - San Francisco’s public arts high school

  • SFUSD Arts Institute - a wellspring to give students of all ages and from all over the district free space, instruction and creativity, helping to bridge the access gap many families face providing their children arts opportunities.

  • A custom-built theater: With an 800-person capacity, this new space will be state-of-the-art, ready to support diverse performances.

Our community has already demonstrated their support, with the passing of a $100 million bond for the Arts Center that San Francisco voters passed Nov. 8, but there is still a lot of resources required to see this project through. And with its success, the ArtsCenter would not come at the exclusion of other opportunities. Rather, it stands to be a shining example of how a community comes together, ensuring our children benefit from our city’s prosperity.

Overall, SPARK*New Schools initiatives  ask the question of what the Vision 2025 and the Graduate Profile means specifically for students at each school level. Effort invite innovation and brings to life a student-centered approach to transforming teaching and learning experiences and creating vibrant community hubs that promote learning, health, wellbeing, collaboration and resilience.

Past Project: Willie L. Brown Junior-Middle School