San Francisco USD Expands Computer Science Initiatives

San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) has received an additional $6 million in funding from the Salesforce Foundation to expand the district's computer science curriculum and technology resources. This is the third year of the partnership between San Francisco USD and the Salesforce Foundation, which has now provided the district with nearly $14 million in grants. The district expects the new funding to affect more than 12,500 students through a number of initiatives, which include ... Read More


San Francisco’s Cutting Edge Plan: Bring Computer Science to All Pre-K-12 Students

The San Francisco school district announced last month that it will phase in teaching computer science to all students at all grade levels. It's an ambitious plan, and one that few other districts are even considering as of now. In fact, Chicago is the only other major urban district attempting such a feat—and San Francisco's plan goes even further by bringing the topic to students as young as prekindergarten. The initiative is particularly notable because the state overall (like many others) has struggled with equity in STEM preparation. A recent report found that 65 percent of public high schools in California offer no computer science courses at all. Read More


District Envisions the Needs of a 2025 Graduate for Developing Education in the 21st Century

The San Francisco Unified School District began its Vision 2025 initiative in the 2013-2014 school year and will continue it by imagining what a 2025 graduate might look like and what kinds of needs he or she will have in not only San Francisco, but also in the national and global community. "Superintendent Richard Carranza of San Francisco Unified School District and the board of education considered, for instance, that graduates will need to develop and manage their local, global, and digital identities, and be comfortable separating and switching between the three," according to eSchoolNews. ... Read More


What Should Graduates Look Like in 10 Years?

It seems an almost unknowable question: What will — or should — high school graduates look like in the year 2025? Beginning with a systematic community-wide visioning process in the 2013-14 school year, San Francisco Unified School District developed its Vision 2025 to take a close look at what will be asked of a 2025 graduate in order to thrive and be successful in San Francisco and beyond. ... Read More