Literacy PreK-12

To be college and career ready, SFUSD recognizes the critical and fundamental need that every child be literate early in their academic career. While literacy is taught and developed at all grade levels, students must be able to read and write by the third grade as the foundation for future academic success. This milestone is strongly related in the CA Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English that the district is currently implementing in all schools. As we implement the CCSS – and by building on the foundation for academic success created by our early education division – SFUSD is transforming our approach to literacy education. This will include innovative practices to dramatically improve student achievement, particularly the commitment to a comprehensive literacy workshop model approach extending from Pre-Kindergarten through Middle School.

Though Literacy Investments we are:

  • Continuing to roll-out and refine rigorous curricula based on the CA Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.

  • Developing and refining the Comprehensive Literacy Workshop Model approach in schools across the district

  • Integrating the use of learning technologies to help accelerate, augment and transform learning.

  • Providing professional development for improving literacy education at all levels in areas that include: common core instruction, dual-language learning, inclusive practices, leadership and social-emotional development