Willie L. Brown Junior Middle School

Willie L. Brown Jr. Middle School (WBMS) is a new model for public education—the ideas, state-of-the art building and STEM/Arts oriented curriculum will support teaching and learning that is highly innovative, personalized and designed to prepare students to thrive in the 21st century. WBMS will redefine excellence—the standards will be rigorous and will prepare all students to achieve all they are capable of in high school, college and the workforce.

WBMS will also be a community school—in place and approach, it will be a hub where children, youth and families of San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood will gather to learn, support and celebrate one another; a place to develop trust and therefore make WBMS a safe and fun space for the entire community.



Tomorrow’s economy will demand a technology literate workforce. To support our students achieve success in 21st century San Francisco, WBMS will empower each pupil with the freedom to access technology and connect their classroom learning with global perspectives using a one to one tech model. Our educators will facilitate the development of tech literacy through hyper-engaging and student driven curriculum.

Also, as the first SFUSD middle school that is aligned with the internationally benchmarked “Next Generation Science Standards,” WBMS will integrate STEM across its already rich curriculum. Every student will begin the sixth grade enrolled in a STEM lab that will teach him or her coding, robotics, graphic/website design and foundations of mechanical engineering. This state-of-the-art Science Laboratory and Engineering Room (Maker’s Space) will provide space and opportunities for students to actively apply the skills they have learned in their classroom to explore new scientific and technological opportunities.


To expand and enhance the resources available to our students and their families, we have seamlessly integrated a high quality Health Care Center to provide systematic and preventative medical, vision and behavioral services to children of the Bayview community. This Health Care Center will give teachers and school leadership a robust toolbox of options to help their students overcome challenges in their lives so that they can focus on succeeding in school. Our staff will utilize the state-of-the-art gym, curriculum, extracurricular activities and fitness center to launch a lifetime of healthy habits in the community.

Furthermore, The SFUSD Future Dining Experience at WBMS contributed to the design of the school's dining space to connect the dining experience to the school’s STEM and Arts curriculum. The dining experience of the WBMS student will encourage independent learning by inspiring innovating thinking that transcends the instructional time and supports the socio-emotional development of each student.


As an SFUSD model for implementing a space to develop students to compete and thrive in the 21st century world, WBMS will provide students with opportunities to unfold their unique dispositions and behaviors. WBMS will have extended learning opportunities that develop students’ strong interpersonal skills and the ability to positively influence and collaborate with others. Additionally, students will grow in their ability to navigate and engage in a 21st century global society by being exposed to a spectrum of industries and sectors through a three-week extended summer experience. Finally, students will also have access to extended learning opportunities through the Beacon, a community-based initiative that provides supports and opportunities to ensure youth are safe and grow in development and academic measures.