SFUSD Future Dining Experience

For SFUSD a Community School is not just a physical school, but refers to a school-wide strategy to ensure that all schools are student-centered learning environments where families and community are connected as parties, and success is enhanced by intentional, high quality, community resources, services and opportunities. Whether those partnerships are school or neighborhood-based, a community school strategy builds and strengthens a complex ecosystem of opportunities and supports that represent a holistic approach to teacher and learning. This includes universal and equitable access to enrichment, wellness, nutrition, family engagement, and college success programs, as well as implementing targeted, data-driven strategies that address barriers to learning for our most vulnerable children and families. To strengthen efficacy, SFUSD also is investing in new-intra- and inter-organizational leadership and staffing roles and infrastructures that support sustainable program development and integration.

Through Community School Investments we are...

  • Working strategically with public, private, non-profit and higher education partners to: define mutual goals and outcomes; collect, share and analyze data; match needs and assets; and evaluate and improve programs and partnerships

  • Comprehensively redesigning the school food experience for SFUSD's students through the creation of a student-centered, financially stable system that provides equitable access to and engages students in eating fresh, healthy meals. The student-centered design is part of SFUSD's ongoing commitment to ensuring that students are properly nourished and prepared to learn.

  • Providing after-school and summer enrichment programming, with focused attention to support transitions through pre-K, elementary, middle, high, and post-secondary programs.

  • Providing a safe and supportive school environment for all students and their families, including a variety of universal health, wellness, and social services

  • Building District staff and school capacity to support SFUSD's Family Engagement Standards.


For more information visit the SFUSD's Future Dining website.