Vision 2025 Starts Today: Join the Movement!

To accelerate towards Vision 2025, SFUSD’s Fund Development Team is featuring four investment opportunities to SPARK student success. Through these initiatives, we hope to engage and empower the broader San Francisco community to invest in areas that are critical to achieving our vision. We are excited to feature five ways to SPARK San Francisco public schools—through Learning, Wellness, New Schools, Partnerships, and Talent.



Inspire the Next Generation of Innovators

21st-century teaching and learning requires students to have access to different types of dynamic tools and experiences throughout their PreK to 12 years that stimulate creativity, collaboration, and career and life skills. SPARK* Learning is a citywide campaign inspired by SFUSD’s Graduate Profile that will allow us to innovate and close the opportunity gap at major critical points in a student’s life—Early Education, Pre-Kindergarten to Fifth Grade Literacy, Pre K-12 STEM and Computer Science, and College and Career Readiness.


Promote and Protect Children's Health

Hungry children cannot learn. Unfortunately, in the midst of a city engaged in a perpetual celebration of food, over a quarter of our residents are unable to obtain and prepare enough nutritious food to support their basic physical and mental health. Comprehensive student wellness is one of SFUSD’s core values, and investing in the implementation of our Wellness Policy and our Future Dining Experience will help create school environments that promote and protect children’s health, well-being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical fitness.

SPARK*New Schools

create dynamic 21st century learning environments

As we move toward Vision 2025, we want every student to be challenged to kindle her or his unique SPARK, chart a course for a meaningful future, and build the knowledge and skills to achieve it. SFUSD’s 21st Century redesign effort is asking the question of what the Vision 2025 and the Graduate Profile means specifically for students at each school level. The redesign effort invites innovation and brings to life a student-centered approach to transforming teaching and learning experiences and creating vibrant community hubs that promote learning, health, wellbeing, collaboration and resilience.

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SFUSD has built strong partnerships with business and philanthropic leaders that have allowed us to pilot innovative initiatives and programs that inform our broader strategies as a school system. This includes the My Brother and Sister’s Keeper and SF Stem Talent Pathway Projects that aim at ensuring students graduate high school ready to navigate the “real world,” succeed in college and attain high-demand and high-wage careers in San Francisco.


Ensure a Teacher In Every Classroom

The primary driver of student success focuses on ensuring strong and effective teachers combined with highly rigorous content. School districts across the nation are once again facing a serious teacher and administrator shortage. SFUSD is expanding innovative programs that recruit and retain a more local and diverse workforce of teachers and is building strong pathways for leaders to grow as administrators through strong national partnerships.